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The Wallet Ninja

It seems like the only thing you can’t do with this little helper.. is paying!

BUT aside from this it offers so much more functionality than a credit card. It has the same size as a credit card, so you can easily put it inside your wallet. There’s six Hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler (standard & metric), letter opener, box opener, phone stand, and eyeglasses, Philips and flathead screwdrivers. It’s made from 4x heat treated steel, and comes with a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, dull, or fold up like Circuit City.

GET your own Wallet Ninja ($14.99)


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so u guys know this pretty thing i got earlier?? i’m making a different suit for my sister so i’m probs gonna sell this one. i bought it for $180, put it together, painted the eyes, foamed it, added buckram, and added forehead stones. all it needs is elastic and it’s 100% ready to fur. the vision is wonderful. it’s brand new and beautiful, the jaw movement is fantastic, and i’ve padded the inside already (to fit my head, of course, if it doesn’t fit you can take some out/add some in). shoot me an offer if you’re interested? the work i did is definitely worth more than $20, so please make it over 200. signal boost would also be appreciated.

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Tail work stream

Taking a break from the fursuit head and working on a new tail.

come chat and hang out :33

**if you broadcast too make sure you have your headphones in so it doesnt echo. ((if you dont know how to broadcast there is a blue button in the top left hand of the screen. click))**